Learning Different Cultures in Business at the Global Leadership Networking Event

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Networking Event hosted by the Moran Center for Global Leadership here at VSB. I entered the event in the Curley Exchange to be immediately greeted by a warm staff who introduced the raffle process of the event. Each guest was handed a small, passport looking, packet in order to fill out with stamps from each stand in the event. This is intended to promote participation in visiting every club and organization present at the event. The room was empty in the middle, surrounded by countless desks of highly engaging representatives. I was able to move around the room with ease and picked up quite a few bits of knowledge or various organizations working to promote diversity, inclusion, and simply friendship among all within the business school. Even beyond information on clubs, I was able to simply speak with older students at Villanova right before registration! The networking aspect of the event was highly important for me as I was able to attain information on every professor I was considering to register for, as well as tips for each class I had planned to take. It was a rare opportunity to speak to older, experienced students as us freshman do not have any in our classes, or with us on south campus.

The hosts were highly accommodative with complimentary beverages as well as food from around the world. Greek, Chinese, Italian, you name it and it was there and delicious. At this point I wondered how this event could get any better: free tasty food, kind and engaging speakers, and more involvement opportunities than one could count. At that moment the last piece of a wonderful event was introduced. Entertainment was provided through impressive and enjoyable dance performances. There was a Hip-Hop dancing group that really shone while demonstrating their various abilities of popping, and better yet… locking. Another fun addition was a traditional asian-style dance routine performed by another club on campus. The event really made it easy to get engrossed in different cultures while also providing information on how to get involved in many different clubs on campus! The event was an all around fun, educational, and fulfilling experience that I would recommend to all students at Villanova.

I would highly recommend checking out the Moran Center for Global Leadership on their website to learn more about getting involved: https://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/business/centers/globalleadership.html

Above is the “Passport” provided at the entrance to the event

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